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We sell Diesel
Our price: --.00 CZK/litre


We provide complex haulage services throughout the European Union. We can offer full-scale transportation, from whole lorries lots to single packets.

Based on our long-term experience and logistics background, we provide cargo transport in compliance with customer requirements.

It is our priority to provide top-level services. The quality and reliability of our transportation services is achieved by means of our modern and continually improved fleet that conforms to the ecological standards EURO 3, EURO 4 and EURO 5.

Our advantage is that we are able to meet your requirements operatively and flexibly, as well as the top level of our services, field-tested by numerous satisfied customers.

We also offer:
Oversized load transportation;
Transport of chilled/frozen goods;
Transport of dangerous goods in conformity with the ADR convention;
Satellite on-line monitoring of the vehicle and your cargo in real time;
Cargo insurance – according to the CMR convention, up to 10 million CZK

A Professional, well-trained and helpful work team!


Our range of services for customers:

  • Transportation on bulk-cargo semi- trailer, trailer units
  • Transportation on double-deck semi-trailers
  • Special deliveries
  • Transportation for the automotive industry –JUST IN TIME supplies
  • Complex service in the field of transportation – whole lorries and partial loads. Contact person: Ing. Růžička
  • Collection service to Spain and Portugal and back. Contact person – export: Ing. Čejka. Contact person – import: Mr. Mandinec
  • Collection service to France and Italy and back. Contact person: Mr. Rukavička
  • Collection service to Germany and back. Contact person: Ms. Píšová
  • Possible monitoring of the consignment by satellite. Contact person: Mr. Kapusta

Our offer for carriers:

  • Year-round vehicle full-use, provision of year-round contract. Contact person: Ing. Růžička
  • Rental of transport equipment
  • Regular payment – keeping to the due date of 60 days
  • Possible due date: 3 days from invoice receipt!


At present, we dispose of a total of 500 m2 of covered storage. The entire storage capacity is located within our premises, which have a surface area of 10,000 m2.

We shall be very pleased to deal with your request and suggest the most suitable logistics solution for you.